January 8, 2004

Much Ado About Nothing. Silverman: "Conspiracy buffs were undoubtedly let down early last night with the return of Nomar Garciaparra and Manny Ramirez to the masthead of the redsox.com Web site. As part of an mlb.com-prompted overhaul, the site was revamped Tuesday, with the images of Garciaparra and Ramirez being replaced by Curt Schilling and David Ortiz. The Red Sox were deluged with inquiries as to whether the overhaul was a message about future happenings. It wasn't, although the club acknowledged that it had approved the Ramirez- and Garciaparra-less look when it was shown to them by mlb.com." Dirt Dog remains on the case -- and has posted some great Theo quotes from this morning on WEEI.

Is Andy Pettitte a Big-Game pitcher? ... Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for two men accused of killing Dernell Stenson. ... Larry Mahnken looks at "The New Face of Evil, Part One". ... Matthew Namee (Bill James's research assistant) fills in for Aaron Gleeman and looks the greatst keystone combinations. ... New Blog Link added: East Coast Agony (Mets/Sox fans).

Josh Marshall has posted a long-ass Q&A from "a conference call early this evening [with] 'senior administration officials' [discussing] the ins and outs of [Bush's] new immigration policy." ... Eschaton has uncovered some more of Iraq's WMD drawings. He also cites a December 15, 2003 press conference at which Bush said basically the same thing (that quaint American notion of being innocent until proven guilty) about Saddam that Dean was ripped for saying about OBL. Q: "Mr. President, you said earlier this morning that in a trial that all of Saddam's atrocities need to be brought out. He was in power more than 30 years. It probably would make for a long rap sheet." A: "You're not supposed to pre-judge. ... I will instruct this government to make sure ... the process withstands international scrutiny." ... John Dean on Ashcroft and the Plame investigation. ... Neal Starkman on "The S Factor". ... William Pitt: "Two Loud Words".

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