May 13, 2004

How Does The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Really Feel About The Widows of 9/11? Kristen Breitweiser, an activist from New Jersey whose husband died in the South Tower, recently submitted an Op-Ed which catalogued government missteps leading up to 9/11. WSJ columnist and editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz urged the Op-Ed editor to not publish the essay -- and then accidentally e-mailed the note to Breitweiser. It read in part:

"[T]otal and complete -- not to mention repetitive -- nonsense from people given endless media access to repeat the very same stupid charges, suspicions, and the rest. ... this is just an opportunity for these absurd products of the zeitgeist -- women clearly in the grip of the delusion that they know something, have some policy, and wisdom not given to the rest of us to know -- to grab the spotlight. again,. and repeat, again, the same tripe before a national audience. My thoughts -- we don't publish nonsensical contentions that offer no news, no insight -- solely on the grounds that those who feel attacked get a chance to defend their views. For that we have the letters column."

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