May 5, 2004

US Army Report On Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Now Online. The complete text of "Article 15-6 Investigation of the 800th
Military Police Brigade" by Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba, thanks to MSNBC. ... "The Pentagon has admitted that 25 prisoners have died in US military custody in Iraq and Afghanistan, at least two of them murders." ... From June 2002: "A former chairman of Amnesty International yesterday called for an independent investigation into claims that US troops tortured Taliban prisoners and assisted in the disappearance of thousands of others in the war in Afghanistan." The evidence was presented in a British documentary film, "Massacre at Mazar." (Also here and here)

NYT: "The Walt Disney Company is blocking its Miramax division from distributing a new documentary by Michael Moore that harshly criticizes President Bush, executives at both Disney and Miramax said Tuesday. The film, 'Fahrenheit 911,' links Mr. Bush and prominent Saudis — including the family of Osama bin Laden — and criticizes Mr. Bush's actions before and after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks." Get a head start on learning about these decades-long family connections by clicking here.

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