May 30, 2004

Is There a Worse Perversion Of The English Language Than "Friendly Fire"? According to an Army investigation, former NFL player Pat Tillman was killed by other US troops, not enemy fire. Sisyphus Shrugged: "I find it incredibly distasteful when supporters of the current administration try to shove [Tillman] up on a pedestal because he could have been rich instead. I haven't found any other area of political discourse where [they] think that it's honorable and righteous and patriotic to consider anything over profits."

Digby: "Like the Bush administration, [the New York Times] seem[s] to think that 'taking responsibility' means acting as if it was some vague and ephemeral 'somebody' who committed the act and then going on as if nothing happened. These are children's ethics."

"An internal Army report warned in November that Iraqis were being detained too long and without appropriate review in an immense U.S.-run prison system that failed to keep track of them, did not provide proper sanitation and medical care, was understaffed, and inappropriately mixed juveniles and adults." Good to see the "liberal" Washington Post giving this story the visbility it deserves -- on page A31.

AWOL shows off his souvenir. In time, Bush'll probably start believing he wrestled it away from Hussein himself. The pathetic fool has a bad case of penis-envy.

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