May 7, 2004

The Red Sox Have Done It Again Tonight!
Royals   101 040 000 -  6  9  1

Red Sox 002 000 023 - 7 13 2
Boston 8th.
Ramirez singled to center.
Millar flied out to right.
Kapler singled to center, Ramirez to second.
Mirabelli singled to left, Ramirez scored, Kapler to third, Kapler scored on throwing error by left fielder Stairs.
Grimsley relieved Affeldt.
Mueller lined out to left.
Daubach hit for Reese.
Daubach struck out looking.

Boston 9th.
MacDougal relieved Grimsley.
Damon walked.
Damon to second on passed ball by Santiago.
Bellhorn homered to right, Damon and Bellhorn scored.
Ortiz struck out swinging.
Ramirez walked.
Sullivan relieved MacDougal.
Millar popped out to second.
Varitek hit for Kapler.
Varitek doubled to deep right, Ramirez scored.

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