June 6, 2005

G57: Cardinals 7, Red Sox 1

A bad game. No offense whatsoever against Matt Morris (four-hit CG), ineffective starting pitching from Wakefield, plenty of singles sneaking through the infield, a blown caught stealing call at second base (that could have nipped the first St. Louis rally in the bud), and a few inattentive outfielders allowing Cardinal runners to take extra bases.

The latest Red Sox blog linked at left -- Goat Of The Game -- will have no shortage of candidates tonight.

Naturally, Baltimore won again, pushing us four games behind. The Yankees lost in Milwaukee, however, to fall seven games back. That's tonight's silver lining.


Anonymous said...

The so called 'blown call' at second base is a myth. Although it was very close and the throw beat the runner, the tag wasn't made in time.

A similar call was made but in reverse at home plate when Molina touched the plate before being tagged by Varitek for the third out.

One thing that was a bit unfair was a ball that bounced off of a fan into Pujols glove to end an inning. The fan's shirt was white and the ball blended in and gave the illusion of dropping right in.

Tonights game; Suppan vs. Clement should be good. Clement is a very good pitcher but I think St. Louis had a reputation of knocking him around when he was with the Cubs?

redsock said...

I disagree on the tag at second.

Yes, it looked like Molina was safe at the plate.

I believe the guy who the foul ball hit off of was a Cardinals executive. I don't recall who it was, though.

Three different umpires and three blown calls. Too bad the third base ump didn't fuck up, for the "cycle."

Rob said...

Despite the umpire errors, I think the outcome would still be the same. Morris was in control, although I got a bit worried when he gave up an early lead.

Unlike many people I like interleague play. You get to play other great teams like the Red Sox and Yankees instead of routinely beating up Cincinnati or Pittsburgh over and over.