June 12, 2005

If You Could Watch Only One Of The 2004 Playoff Games, Which One Would It Be?

That's the question asked by Zona90 in a members-only thread at SoSH. The breakdown, as of now, is:
ALDS 1 - 1
ALDS 2 - 0
ALDS 3 - 2

ALCS 1 - 0
ALCS 2 - 0
ALCS 3 - 0
ALCS 4 - 10½
ALCS 5 - 16½
ALCS 6 - 4
ALCS 7 - 12½

WS 1 - 0
WS 2 - 0
WS 3 - 0
WS 4 - 3½
If I could get the eight-pitch sequence to begin the 9th inning of Game 4 (walk, stolen base, single) and couple that with Game 5, I'd be set. Which means I'll take all baseball played on October 18, 2004.

It's hard to pick just one. What's your choice?


Neil H said...

I would go for Game 4 ALCS - I think the impact of the walk, then the SB and then the hit off Rivera to tie it up planted that seed of doubt in the Yankees, and generated the hint of optimism that the Sox needed.

Andrew said...

It's got to be Game 5 for me. I've never in my life been more riveted by a game of baseball - and that's saying something. From the very first pitch, there were intersting things clogging every moment; the incredible hoops both pitching staffs went through after the previous two games, comeback baseball by both sides, the tremendous relief effort by Wake, and David Ortiz's incredible AB to end it... I'm not sure I was able to sit down the entire game. The most intense game of the 04 postseason, and one of the 10 greatest postseason games of all time.

Jake said...

This is a very tough call...but I think ALCS Game 5 because it was just as traumatic (and longer) as Game4, and really instilled the thought that this could happen ("wait we're headed to NY down 3 games to 2 with Schilling and Lowe, while the yankees have no bullpen at this point?"). As opposed to Game 4 which was more of the, that was awesome, at least we aren't getting swept, emotion.

Brian said...

Game 4 of the World Series. It wasn't the best game. I'm not even sure it was the most emotional. I felt nervous and excited enough to puke during most of the ALCS. But it's the game that meant the most. I'd watch that game over and over just to see the celebration.

Eric said...

Definately game 5. Partially because my baseball-watching posse was there for the duration, partially because of the extremes we went through to get the baseball gods to deliver a win.