June 3, 2005

Tito Sees Double Standard From Watson; Curt in Arizona; OC Returns To Fenway

Terry Francona criticized Bob Watson's decision to suspend Joe Torre for one game and fine him $1,000 for an incident involving a hit batter on May 24. Francona received a three-game suspension and $3,000 fine for what he says was a similar situation April 24 in Tampa Bay.

Tito: "How did Joe just get one game and was allowed to stay in the clubhouse? Can somebody research that for me? If you go back and look at the tape of both incidents, how you come up with something different is beyond me. They warned a guy and he throws at somebody. Bronson hit the guy in the thigh. I don't understand."

Curt Schilling left the team on Wednesday for an accelerated physical therapy program in Tempe, Arizona. He's not expected to rejoin the Sox before June 13.

Renteria on his bunt: "I wanted to make the right play, because I wanted to get David up there." ... To perhaps change his luck, Bronson Arroyo's hair is once again in cornrows. ... The LA papers on the return of Orlando Cabrera.

Against the Angels:
Friday: David Wells (5.96) / Kelvim Escobar (3.56)
Saturday: Bronson Arroyo (4.06) / Bartolo Colon (2.75)
Sunday: Wade Miller (4.85) / Jarrod Washburn (3.80)


L-girl said...

You know, I've always thought Red Sox fans were a little paranoid, keeping a hate-list of umps and the whole "Yankee Bob Watson" thing. This time, though, I see your point. Tito should get a refund.

redsock said...

Actually, the Lead Pipe List includes umps, players, coaches, managers, all media types, fans -- everybody!

But you kind of knew that anyway!