August 7, 2005

G109: Twins 4, Red Sox 3

Ugh. More errors and another loss. ... A sleepy Tito leaves Wells in -- and doesn't even get anyone up -- for five consecutive singles in the sixth as the 3-0 lead is pissed away. This slow hook and non-existent call to the pen is becoming a disturbing habit. Wells was allegedly annoyed that he wasn't allowed to pitch the seventh. Memo to Wells: You'd prolong your outing if you didn't give up six hits and three runs in an inning.

Gordon Edes estimates that Keith Foulke could be back in two or three weeks. His success will determine when and if Curt Schilling returns to the rotation. ... Mark Bellhorn went 2-for-6 with a double, two RBIs, and two runs scored for the PawSox (he's now 2-for-22).

Johnny Damon -- who will likely get this afternoon's game off -- currently has an 11-game hit streak (along with streaks of 18 and 29 games this year). He leads the AL with a .341 average and could be Boston's fifth batting champ in six seasons. ... The home run droughts of Kevin Millar (142 at-bats) and Edgar Renteria (138 at-bats) continue. ... Former Marlins lefthander Matt Perisho was signed and sent to Pawtucket.

Rob Bradford of the Lowell Sun spoke with Fenway scoreboard operator Mike Gavin:
Manny was sitting there [on a dingy stoop just inside the entrance to the scoreboard] because we all thought there was a pitching change. ... Finally we looked and someone yelled, 'He's not coming out of the game!' Manny just jumped up and went back out there. It has gotten blown way out of proportion with Manny. This has just become kind of his hangout.
If you watch the tape of Manny going into the Wall, the operator is busy taking down the Red Sox pitcher number -- as they do when a pitcher is relieved.

Damon, on Sheffield's recent comments about who the leader of the Yankees is: "Jeter and A-Rod, we feel blessed when we get those two guys out. Sheff, we don't expect to get him out. We feel he's always going to hit the ball hard."

Theo Epstein, in Bob Ryan's article on The Stolen Base That We Will Never Get Tired Of Reading About:
I was sitting behind the plate with our people. I was thinking how unfortunate it all was. It just wasn't right. This team had accomplished a lot. I thought we had the best team in baseball. And I was thinking, 'Why us?' ... As soon as Millar dropped his bat on the plate, I think everyone knew what would be coming next. We just needed the visualization. And then Roberts came out of the dugout.

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