August 21, 2005

G121: Angels 4, Red Sox 2

Maybe the Red Sox thought they were facing Johan Santana. Ervin Santana had an 11.34 ERA in four previous daytime starts, but when a young pitcher faces Boston for the first time, those types of numbers are meaningless. Once again, a relative no-name shuts down the majors' top offense.

The 22-year-old rookie (who actually has pitched some pretty good games this season, that daytime stat notwithstanding) retired the first 11 batters (striking out five of the first six) and 21 of the first 23. He pitched 7.2 innings, allowing five hits and two runs (both runs and three of the hits all came in the eighth inning).

Boston's only rally came in the eighth. Kevin Millar and John Olerud opened in the inning with singles and after two fly outs, Johnny Damon singled to load the bases (and end Santana's day). Edgar Renteria's single off Scot Shields scored two runs, but David Ortiz struck out to end the inning. ... The only other baserunners were Ortiz (double in 4th), Renteria (double in 7th) and Jason Varitek (single in 9th).

Terry Francona says Curt Schilling will throw anywhere between 40 and 100 pitches on Thursday. "There's not going to be a pitch count," Francona said. "Some of it will be on how he feels. We'll discuss it. Some of it will be how hard the innings are." (Some more Curt.) ... Jonathan Papelbon, who starts today, will likely go to the bullpen. ... Mike Timlin will be the closer, at least until Keith Foulke returns.

Papelbon / Byrd at 4:00.

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Paul said...

This game was a real yawner, and the sun was blazing hot as well. Tons of Sox fans in attendance, though.

During a break, probably a pitching warm-up, two young ladies held up a sign in the area in left field, next to the bullpen.

The sign said, "Johnny Damon, Move to Utah and Marry Me". Don't know if the lady lives in Utah, or she was hoping to take advantage of laws there which permit polygamy. I suspect it was the former.