August 23, 2005

Nixon Returns To Lineup in KC

Trot Nixon is in tonight's lineup, batting fifth and playing right field in Kansas City. ... In his rehab start Monday, Nixon singled, walked and homered in five plate appearances for Pawtucket.

Kevin Millar on his loss of playing time:
We've got two guys -- one who's swinging the bat well, one who isn't. The ideal situation is if both of us were swinging well. Right now, Olerud is the guy. He was swinging the bat well before he went on the DL. He deserves to be in the lineup, period. ... I'm not some retarded guy who doesn't realize I haven't produced. ... I'll contribute somehow, some way, to help the team win when I'm in there. I might not hit any huge home runs, but I might make a big play, or pick up the guys on the bench, or pinch hit.
Millar better hope Francona doesn't start giving Roberto Petagine (who he noticeably omits from his comments) more playing time; Cabin may find himself third on the 1B depth chart. ... Which would mean a lot of free time in October.

Millar on David Ortiz's bunt: "I told the SOB he needs to bunt every time in the first inning, that'll stop that BS [shift]."

Tonight: David Wells / Zack Greinke, 8:00
Wednesday: Matt Clement / DJ Carrasco, 8:00
Thursday: Curt Schilling / Jose Lima, 8:00

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