August 4, 2005

Manny's Vision Still Blurry; Petagine In Lineup

Manny Ramirez left last night's game with contusions to the right side of his chest and the right side of his face, along with sore ribs. He was examined at Massachusetts General Hospital and released. His vision was still blurry today, so he got this afternoon's game off.

Edgar: "I'm going for the ball because I have a chance to make the play and at the last moment I saw Manny and we hit each other. I thought Manny was going to be all right, because he's a big man, you know? But I hit him pretty hard." ... Millar joked afterwards: "Going out there you see two guys on the ground, so who do you go to first? I picked Manny because he's worth more."

With his first-inning home run, Ramirez became only the seventh player to have 30 HR and 100 RBI in at least eight consecutive seasons:
Jimmie Foxx 12 1929-1940
Lou Gehrig 9 1929-1937
Rafael Palmeiro 9 1995-2003
Sammy Sosa 9 1995-2003
Babe Ruth 8 1926-1933
Albert Belle 8 1992-1999
Manny Ramirez 8 1998-2005
Roberto Petagine was freed from Pawtucket when John Olerud was put on the disabled list with a left hamstring injury. Petagine has been crushing AAA pitching all season -- .327/.452/.635 and 20 homers and 69 RBI in 74 games. He's starting at first base and batting cleanup today. ... Petagine is the 11th player to make his debut with the Red Sox since July 7.

Matt Clement: "The amazing thing is, I don't really feel any effect from what happened. All I have is a little scab near my ear. I didn't have any headaches at all. ... Will I be apprehensive when I go out there? Maybe just a tiny bit, but it's more like I'm anxious to start doing my job again." ... Keith Foulke is scheduled to throw off a mound on Monday.

From the Daily News:
Yankee officials have asked the New York Police Department to find out who has been calling media outlets claiming that Jason Giambi tested positive for steroids. Sources said the man, who identified himself as team president Randy Levine's assistant, called local and national outlets over the past week with information that Giambi had failed Major League Baseball's drug test. ... Levine does not have a male assistant ...
After hitting like a rotting corpse since June 2003, Giambi went .355/.524/.974 with 14 home runs and 24 RBI in July and was named AL Player of the Month.


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Two more homers for Giambi tonight, including the winner. Come on Wickman.

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