September 27, 2006

Edes Answers His Critics

Gordon Edes received a ton of mail after his column on Manny Ramirez ("Time To Close Curtain On This Act") ran last Saturday.

In a special edition of his mailbag, he answers his critics
I would like to think that after 10 years of covering the Sox for the Globe, most of you have found me to be reasonably even-handed, but clearly that is not the case for everyone and I accept that. ... In the time he has been here, there hasn't been a single occasion in which Manny Ramirez has acted in any way toward me that could be characterized as abusive or overtly hostile. I would suggest that given what I've written about him on occasion, it would have been understandable had he responded differently.
and then posts 23 of the messages (pro and con) he received.

Matt Clement had exploratory shoulder surgery on Tuesday and doctors found what Terry Francona called "significant damage ... it was a little more extensive than we had hoped for".

I wish I could have seen the pregame ceremony last night, with Nanci Foxx Canaday (Jimmie Foxx's daughter) and Linda Ruth Tosetti (Babe Ruth's granddaughter) honoring David Ortiz. NESN did have a brief interview with the two women during the game.

Pitchers for the final series, against Baltimore: Julian Tavarez, Tim Wakefield, and then either Devern Hansack, Kason Gabbard, or Kyle Snyder.


L-girl said...

I really liked reading Edes's response. I think some of it is a little disingenuous, but it's a good response from a thoughtful man.

Hey, does anyone have the Foxx/Ruth ceremony on tape or DVD? I would love to see it.

And you know, if any loyal JoS reader wanted to tape or DVR the "walk-off greatest hits" (or whatever it's called) show that NESN is running for Redsock and me, I would be very grateful. I'm sure Redsock would send you something cool in return. Especially if you like the 1972 Rolling Stones.

Jere said...

Unfortunately my 170 dollars I pay for Extra Innings isn't enough to get even one second of pre- or post-game. But I did get to see the in-game interview with the (Sox fan) granddaughter of Ruth and the daughter of Foxx.

Peter N said...

It was a simple and quick 5 minute thing that was over before it began. At least that's what was shown on NESN.

Peter N said...

I, email me...I'm sure I can tape it, and the Remy post season award show that follows. And see the media sports section article in the Globe for the Monday NESN schedule. 9 and 9:30 PM.

Peter N said...

And that's the Friday Globe, FYI

L-girl said...

And see the media sports section article in the Globe for the Monday NESN schedule. 9 and 9:30 PM.

We don't get NESN. We watch on Extra Innings.

Peter N said...

I know..that's why I'm taping it!!

Peter N said...

VCR programmed! If you want...9 until 10 Monday night.

L-girl said...

Thanks Peter N :)