September 25, 2006

G157: Blue Jays 5, Red Sox 0

Cable problems prevented me from posting anything today. Then I was at Skydome watching Cy Marcum cut down the Red Sox in a quick 2:03.

Two ground ball singles -- Cora in the sixth and Hinske in the eighth -- and only Hinske's made it into the outfield. Two long balls off Wakefield (Rios and Molina) in the middle innings was more than enough.

0-2 at Skydome this season (the other game was Beckett's night of BP and Wells's three home runs on May 30). Bah.


suzy lux said...

and we fall to third place behind toronto, you forgot to add that.

c'mon let's make this as bad as it can be here ;p

Peter N said...

Bah is we're home for five, and the first two? A Papi and a Pesky night, back to back. How good will that be??

Jere said...

Ortiz can still get the road HR record, though.

So I was buying a jetski and...what? Oh, about the HR thing? Well, yeah, if there's some kind of emergency, or techinical problem, and a game can't be played at Fenway, they could switch the game to the opposing team's park, especially with no time to make it up later. There is precedent here. I'm still holding out hope for Ortiz to get that road record.

Woti-woti said...

It didn't look any better on TV, either. Jays analyst Rance Mullininks was saying that Marcum had confidence issues in the past after ML hitters had seen him for one AB, but "was standing tall tonight." Meaning, I guess, that this Sox lineup didn't scare him.

The telecast highlight came in the 9th. Rance said that he was aware that Campbell had just been to his 20th high school reunion and had a gift for him. They flashed a yearbook-type picture of 'Jody's' smiling puss with the name Jamie Campbell. The timing was so perfect it was hilarious. Campbell blurted "that's Johnny Whittaker of Family Affair"
Rance says: "So you're on to this, then"
Campbell says: "Well, you can see I was 6 years old when I graduated from high school. Ha Ha. (Then he gets indignant) But seriously, people come up to me once a week and ask me if I was this kid.I'm not even that old to be him."

But you're not getting it Jamie, people think you look like the kid NOW. Anyway, he's Buffy, and if you called him that, he'd probably tell you it was Jody.

Jere said...

When you all were talkin' Family Affair before, I didn't know what you were talking about. I didn't make the connection that the Jays' announcer LOOKED like the kid from the show, until this recent comment by woti-squared. (I'm not a regular viewer of the Blue Jays' network.) So, I looked the guy up online. Wow. That is hilarious.

Woti-woti said...

Jere, if you hear him speak,it's even funnier. As Redsock said in the other thread, it's like little Buffy PLAYING at being an announcer.

redsock said...

Great stuff, Woti.

people come up to me once a week and ask me if I was this kid

Only once a week?? Please.