September 5, 2006

"It's A True Story Now"

As soon as Carlos Pena's game-winning home run dropped into the right field stands, I had a strong feeling what he'd say in post-game interviews. We probably all did. ... Imagine what that must have felt like?
You have dreams. This was one of them. Point blank, I've dreamt about this and played with it, visualized it. When I was 13, 12, and as soon as I got to this area, the Red Sox were everything to me. Do you know how many times I've done this in my backyard? It's amazing. It's a true story now. ...

I hit that ball pretty solid. As soon as I hit it, I knew it was gone. I can't describe what I felt like emotionally. I don't even remember going around the bases. It's definitely something very exciting knowing that my family was watching. It was very special for me. ...

I'm overflowing with excitement. It's hard to put it into words. They were telling me that my rib cage would hurt because they were punching me so hard, but it doesn't hurt at all. That tells you right there I didn't feel anything.

It was definitely the most exciting moment of my whole entire career hands down.
The win put the Red Sox six games behind the Twins for the wild card with 24 to go.
Baseball is a game that you cannot predict. You really don't know what's going to happen. We played our hearts out. Here in Boston, we've seen miracles happen. That whole World Series a couple of years ago. That's amazing how we come back. Here I am, including myself. We came back being three games down to the Yankees. Anything is possible, so we can definitely get back into it.


redsock said...

"That's amazing how we come back. Here I am, including myself."

I love this!!

Peter N said...

ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN....and you know what? It very might will. And we'll be here!

suzy lux said...


lol @ that quote. that is precious :)

Jere said...

I was in the bleachers for this. You can't always tell from out there, but I also knew it was gone right away. An awesome moment.