September 6, 2006

G139: Red Sox 1, White Sox 0

Damn, what a game to miss!

Gabbard (7-3-0-2-6, 80) got his first major league win, Mike Timlin (2-1-0-0-1) piked up the save, david Ortiz returned to the lineup and the Red Sox won one of seven shutouts in the majors last night.

Trot Nixon doubled off the Wall in the fourth and scored on Coco Crisp's two-out, RBI single to center. ... Only one White Sox runner reached third base.


Javier Vazquez (4.98) / Kason Gabbard (6.35), 7 PM

Papi tonight?


brian said...

Papi's back and in the 3 spot.

Hansen is also back. I really hope he pitches better during the final weeks.

Zenslinger said...

Good God, what is it with the quasi-minor league spot starters kicking ass this week? Gabbard = 0 runs, 3 hits, 2 walks after SEVEN.

Yaz-Tex said...

The reverse lock strikes again - Gabbard tops Vazquez in a superb pitcher's duel. Who would have thunk it?

In his second game back in as many nights, Trot had a decided impact on the game (both wins, doubtful a coincidence), showing where his impact on this team can never be understated.

Driving in the first run on Monday night, then doubling in the 4th last night to put himself in scoring position for Crisp (RBI for the game's only run), it's hard to accept the fact that he may not be back next year.

Will BOS offer him a contract for next season? If so, how much of a hometown discount will he be willing to accept before he feels his better option is testing the free agent market? What will the market bear for LH hitting RF who brings his type of grit and hustle to the ballpark each day?

When the Sox decided not be bring Dewey back, I'll never forget how out of sorts he looked the following year in his Oriole uniform. As a one-organization guy for his whole career, it would be a similar shame if Trot didn't finish his career in Boston.

Woti-woti said...

This is only slight cherry-picking:




Player A is Trot Nixon, Player B is Alex Gonzalez.

Nixon has morphed into a singles hitter with little speed and an injury pattern that can only be described as predictable. He's got to go. The Sox have to get better in right field production.

On a totally unrelated note, why should anyone accept a discount to work for billionaires? Pay people what they are worth.

Further, the Sox already have one sentimental contract tied up in Wakefield. This has the additional unintended consequence of requiring a catching specialist who unfortunately is not good enough to step in as a real back-up. Sox should pay for performance on the field.

Jack Marshall said...

I don't know how anyone can call Wakefield's contract sentimental...I call it a bargain. He'll be nailing down 12-15 games a year after I'm dead. And the Sox don't HAVE to have a specialist catch him...its only a problem because Varitek is so wretched catching him. Hatteberg, hardly a great catcher, got away with it. Bard would have been fine if the media let it alone.
As for Nixon, though, I agree. He's a subpar right-fielder offensively. I loved the way Darren Lewis and Bragg played the game too, but they weren't championship calibre right-fielders.
But I am not unaware of the irony of us joking that when Trot returned some would say that his absence was devastating, and watching him play key roles in both wins.

Woti-woti said...

Jack, we could argue endlessly and pointlessly about Wakefield. Let's just say I've heard him say too many times that he has no idea where the ball is going when it leaves his hand, and I believe him. That scares me. The scariest moments for me in the entire 04 playoffs were Varitek trying to catch Wake in extras vs the Yanks. Jesus.

As for Bard, fully agree. That whole scenario, complete with giving up Meredith and the police escort was pure show biz, not baseball. I thought Theo came back for less of that, not more.