February 28, 2007

Curt & The Yankees

Curt Schilling, on his comment about not playing for the Yankees:
People made a big deal out of that when I said it. But when Mariano Rivera says it [about Boston], no one blinks an eye. There's just way too much history there. I'm probably one of the worst hated opposing players for their fans. I doubt they'd want me there. It's got nothing to do with Brian Cashman. I love that guy. And I love Mr. Steinbrenner. But if I went to the Yankees, it would be me walking out of Boston and putting my finger up to the fans. I won't do it. And the dollar value will not tip the scales. If they gave me $25 million to pitch one season in Yankee Stadium, I'd still say no.
Craig Hansen, whose sore back had prevented him from throwing off a mound for almost a week, had an MRI yesterday. It showed no structural damage. Terry Francona said the problem was muscular, but Hansen said he was told it was a bulging disk in his lower back.

Mike Timlin suffered an oblique spasm on Sunday. "Just an old guy starting to fall apart."

Bobby Abreu strained his right oblique during batting practice yesterday and will be out for about three weeks. The Yankees hope he'll be ready for Opening Day on April 2.

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s1c said...

Its pretty hard seeing him being welcomed by the Yankees fans since he made 55,000 people shut up not once but twice. Here's hoping he goes 22 and 4 this year.