February 12, 2007

Dave Roberts

Why Dave Roberts? Why not Dave Roberts?

Red at Surviving G*%@y wonders:
Is there anyone who has been on the Red Sox for a shorter period of time yet is more beloved than Dave Roberts? If the guy was kept in Boston for the 2005 season and beyond, he'd have been living in a world of "free rounds for life." Seriously, what kind of a man would ask Dave Roberts to pay for a pint of beer? No kind of man at all.
He's a permanent citizen of that world if you ask me. He's in my Top 5 Sox players -- easily -- maybe Top 3.

A few days ago, Mike at Inside The Monster (who loves Manny like I do) posted video of Alex Cora's 18-pitch at-bat against Matt Clement (!) a few years back. Even with all the between-pitches stuff edited out, it's still over three minutes long.

Video Bonus: seeing the future thief of the Greatest Stolen Base In History on the Dodgers bench.


Arty said...

No man on the whole planet would ask Dave Roberts to pay for a pint! That is complete lunacy, and utter disregard for all that is right on this planet. Tonight, I'll slam a pint down for you Mr. Dave Roberts.

L-girl said...

Can't you just seem him clapping his hands together after he pops up at 2nd base?