February 13, 2007

Dice's Arrival, Pap's Curve, Lester's Bubble

Daisuke Matsuzaka was mobbed at the Tampa International Airport yesterday by 17 photographers, 10 TV cameras and about a dozen reporters -- nearly all from Japanese outlets.

Jonathan Papelbon is resurrecting his curveball. He threw 35-40 pitches yesterday.
Last year it was fastball, slider, split and I'm going to incorporate the curveball this year to give hitters another look. ... Nothing feels out of whack, so I'm going to keep it going. ... Right now, [closing] is not really a possibility. All I'm focused on is getting ready to be in the rotation, getting my arm strength back and getting my pitch count back up.
Jon Lester also threw yesterday:
Just getting out of the house was good. I was kind of in a bubble there for a while, but it's kind of nice right now to kind of live life and not worry about where I go, who I'm around, if they have a cold or not, or washing my hands all the time. ... I think once these guys show up and see the weight is back on, I'm in shape, I'm doing all my work, I'm running, I feel good, then I think everything will be back to normal. But until that happens, I think they're going to talk about being cautious.
I didn't expect him to look that good. It's amazing, man, after all he went through [six rounds of chemotherapy]. He looked like the same old Jonny.
Tidbits from Tony Massarotti's Monday Herald chat:
Lester will likely start at Triple AAA - Sox will bring him along slowly ... bet on midseason

Sox are planning between 400-500 ABs for Wily Mo

Timlin is a middle reliever now - will have to regain status as setup

Dice man should start as no. 3 starter ... will pitch second Fenway game - on April 11

I'd bet on [Delcarmen] over Hansen, but we'll see

Clement done for year, probably


Devine said...

"Sox are planning between 400-500 ABs for Wily Mo"


I'm all for seeing what the guy can do, but I don't see how it's possible unless a starting outfielder spontaneously combusts a week into the season.

Peter N said...

You know what is said about JDD....I hope he can play 130 games...and Manny and his knee?...I'll say the exact same thing.
He's number four in the outfield, and I hope not to see him TOO muc. His work for Diabetes has made me happy, as we approach a first for Theo...an arbitration hearing.

Stephen said...

wily mo gets the ABs because either coco will stink, drew will get injured or Manny will need some time off. Probably a combination of all three of these will factor in. The interesting comment from Maz though is this idea that Timlin will drop to middle relief rather than set up. I don't think so. Terry likes his guys and Timlin is clearly one of his guys. Unless Timlin simply is killing the sox in the 8th, he'll probably be out there.

Zenslinger said...

On Timlin, question of whether you believe the WBC really killed his arm last year. And 40 is still 40. Short leash, I'm sure.

I missed Clement's health situation. He didn't have surgery, did he?

9casey said...

If Wily Mo gets 400-500 abs
we will be in third place......

Especially with Stephen's scenario

Woti-woti said...

Not much love here for Wily Mo. Barring injury to OF's and DH, he'll have to start 2/3 of the Sox games to get about 400 AB's. That's about 4 games a week. So Tito spells him for all 3 OF's plus DH (and Papi plays 1st) 4 times a week? Tito plays musical chairs with his starting lineup AND his bullpen? Wily Mo has a monster spring (after returning from his Phoenix arb. hearing--a $160 million team playing hardball over $.475 mil.)and wins a starting OF job? So your future monster bat waits vulture-like for one of the big starters to go down? When nobody trusts his glove?

That Washington team is looking awfully bad. Looks like they'll be out of so many games that a real closer might be a wasted roster spot. Best thing for Wily Mo might be to get his 500 ABs for a team that will play him.

Woti-woti said...

Another quote to file for ready haunting:

From this afternoon's Boston Globe 'Extra Bases':

"There are plenty of plate appearances" for an outfielder that can play all the spots, Epstein said, "and Wily Mo is going to scoop those up."