February 26, 2007

Manny In Camp - Questions Remain

Manny Ramirez arrived at the Red Sox camp this morning. A few hours later, he stepped into the batter's box against Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Extra Bases has several reports from this morning -- scroll down.

Manny is in camp a few days earlier than recent reports -- which is great -- but later than most of his teammates. How will he get ready in time for the season? He has only 34 days! He didn't swing at any of the three pitches he saw from Dice. Doesn't he care? He's way behind schedule. Our playoffs chances are surely doomed. Who will start in LF on Opening Day?

This is a huge problem. And the media seems to be ignoring it.


Woti-woti said...

One month from today it will be Mar. 26, Opening Day still a week away and these assholes will be writing about how long and boring Spring Training is. Some of these guys should make a career choice about whether they want to cover baseball or try for a gig on the ET Tonight circuit.

L-girl said...

The MUMS patrol is out of control.

Doesn't it occur to them that by this stage in his career, Manny knows full well how to prepare for a baseball season?

Don't answer that.

San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

MUMS the word.

L-girl said...

MUMS the word.

This should be our code word all season, a kind of secret cyber-handshake.

s1c said...

Now that the last of the team has blessed us with his presence, its time to get down to the nitty grtitty and for our Sox to get ready for the season. Ian Browne has a post where everyon is encouraged to post their expectations for the year.

Meanwhile, questions need to be answered. Who will close? Will J.D. stay healthy? Will our 2b be a bust or will Cora take over? Is the Helton deal dead? Will Manny be traded for Helton? Will Theo regret his failure to sign Schilling for 2008 (prediction, enjoy this year because it will be Schillings last in a Sox uni.)? Questions, questions, questions and yet so few answers to be found.

So, here I sit typing and looking out my window at the 3+ inches of white that fell last night I can't help but think 34 days and I will be able to watch 25 men take on 25 other men in a little boys game that for six months will lead to moments of euphoria and on those bad days make me crack open a Sam Adams to wash away a sour feeling.

Ah, baseball! Spring is really almost here. Mums the word!

Woti-woti said...

MUMS the word: Kind of like JoSies speaking in dogwhistle.