February 16, 2007


Tim Brosnan, MLB's vice-president of business:
We offer the following assurances to our fans: Any deal for the Major League Baseball's Extra Innings subscription package, when concluded, will in no way affect a single fan's ability to watch games of his home club in his home market. ... a subscription package of out-of-market games will continue to be available to a broad segment of our fan base through either MLB Extra Innings or MLB.TV, its broadband counterpart.
Hey, Tim: Fuuuuuuuck you.

The whole idea behind subscribing to EI is to watch out-of-market games. Red Sox fans in Massachusetts don't worry about getting EI because they watch NESN. Red Sox fans in New York City need EI and they don't give a damn about being reassured that the Yankees and Mets will be on local TV every night.

How fucking dumb can MLB get?

(As SoSHer Joe D Reid put it: "It's as though someone complained to the police that their car had been stolen, and the cops responded by assuring the person that they still had their house and their bike.")

And yes, Tim, we are well aware of MLB.TV and that we may purchase it if we desire. But the quality sucks and we don't like watching games on our computers. Plus, as I have pointed out before, a Red Sox fan living in California will be SOL with MLB.TV.

Games at Fenway will start at 4 PM PST, while said Red Sox fan is at work. The games cannot be recorded. So Red Sox fans on the west coast -- assuming they get home from work at 6 PM and head straight to the computer -- will miss the first 6-7 innings of well over half the team's games all season. If they have dinner with their family first, well, there's always the final box score to look at.

Very reassuring.


Jere said...

I think it's more like the cop telling you, "Don't worry, the car still runs." They're "reassuring" us that other people can still use what we used to have.

I seriously can't believe MLB said that.

Peter N said...

And yep, that is no excuse whatsoever!

Devin said...

F***ing c***s.

L-girl said...

How fucking dumb can MLB get?

They're dumb, but they're not stupid. They know exactly what they're saying. This is just a bit of spin (and lame-ass spin, as usual).

F***ing c***s.

No need to insult c***s.