February 28, 2007

ST1: Red Sox 4, Twins 4 (10)

Watching NESN on MLBtv. Play-by-play and observations for as many innings as I can.

Twins 1st against Curt Schilling: I tuned in with an 0-2 count on leadoff batter Luis Castillo. He took a ball and then grounded out to Julio Lugo. Jason Tyner fouled out to Jason Varitek on the first pitch. Joe Mauer fell behind 0-2 before rapping a hard grounder to first. Kevin Youkilis led Schilling for the 3-1 out.

Red Sox 1st against Matt Garza: Lugo (b) grounded out third to first (hot hop, 3B in on grass). Youkilis (cfbb) grounded out shortstop to first (shattered bat, grounder up middle). Ortiz (cbf) struck out swinging, down and in. [Yook sporting a not terribly attractive goatee in the Wells/Bagwell style. Ortiz is clearly less chunky around the waist.]

Twins 2nd: Rondell White lines the first pitch on the grounder up the middle into center. X pops up first pitch to Pedroia by the 2B bag. Lecroy (b) popped out to 2B in short right. [Dice dugout sighting!] Ken Harvey (s - C throw to 1B - fb) grounded up middle, past P into CF, White to second. Luis Gonzalez grounded out first unassisted. Neither single was well hit. 19 pitches for Schilling (15 strikes) in his 2 IP. ... News: Jon Lester will make his spring debut on Monday, March 5, pitching one inning against the Twins.

Red Sox 2nd: Varitek (c) lined to right. Mike Lowell (cff) fouled out to first, down RF line by stands/tarp. Wily Mo Pena (bbc) grounded out third to first. (NESN also in spring mode, still showing a 1-0 count on Pena when the count was 2-1.) ... Remy: Matsuzaker ... Garzer. (!)

Twins 3rd against Joel Pineiro: Jason Bartlett (bcf) singled to left. Castillo popped out to left. Tyner (tc) grounded out second to first, Bartlett to second. Mauer (c) safe at first on E6, grounder up the middle/Mauer sprinting/Lugo rushes throw/off mark, Bartlett to third. White (c) singled to center, jammed/sliced over infield, Bartlett scored, Mauer to second. X grounded into force play, White out shortstop to second. ... [Don Orsillo shows he knows absolutely nothing about the real idea behind the "bullpen committee" idea. How hard is it for the media to actually understand what the philosophies of the team they cover? ... Very hard, apparently.]

Red Sox 3rd against Scott Baker: Pedroia (23 pounds lighter/still wearing #64) (cfb) singled to center, line drive. David Murphy (bt) singled to center, grounder up middle/2B side, Pedroia to second. Jacoby Ellsbury (#82) (cc) struck out looking. Lugo (bcc) singled to center, ground ball, Pedroia scored, Murphy to second. "Yoooooooook"! (bfs) struck out swinging (low outside corner, check swing, 1B ump says out). Ortiz (fcb) singled to right, Murphy scored (no handle for 2B out in RF; shift this!) Varitek (cf) struck out swinging.

Twins 4th against Brendan Donnelly; Albert Castillo C: LeCroy (?) struck out. Harvey (s) grounded out shortstop to first. Rodriguez (cc) lined to first.

8 M: That's it for tonight. Off to watch "Little Mosque On the Prairie" and the first half of Ken Burns's film on Jack Johnson.

10-inning tie (Box).
Twins   - 001 030 000 0 - 4 10 0
Red Sox - 002 200 000 0 - 4 9 3


Jere said...

So, wait, you bought mlb.tv? Or what? It's not free for ST, right? I keep trying it but it tells me to subscribe. They really should at least give us ST for free....

redsock said...

I bought it about 10 minutes before the game began!

I got the "premium" deal, which is a few more bucks than the standard MLBTV package, but is allegedly much better quality. Tonight didn't look much better than last year. We shall see.

I'll need it for work all season since I work 12-hour days on Fri-Sat-Sun. So I figured I might as well get it now and see ST too.

Now I gotta make sure I don't have any work when Dice pitches at 6 PM on Friday.

Peter N said...

I am happy for you......2007 COULD be a year to rmember! Take care everyone in joyland.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the quality looks no better but being English I don't really have a choice if I want to watch the games so it'll do for me.