February 27, 2007

Topps: Jeter, Mantle & Bush

Clay Luraschi, Topps spokesman:
Somewhere in between the final proofing and its printing, someone at our company - and we won't name names - thought it would be funny to put in Bush and Mantle. ... It's in the set and it's funny. It's caused quite a stir.
An eBay search of listings with "jeter bush mantle" in the title turns up a whopping 384 items. A couple of auctions are closing in on $400 (or you can "buy it now" for $999).

Meanwhile, down in Florida, Curt Schilling is sad, knowing his bff doesn't appear on his card.


Jere said...

I saw this on Olberman I think two weeks ago. I searched everywhere on the web, found nothing. Nobody on eBay had it. I started to wonder if I dreamed the whole thing up. So, I guess it just took a while for it to get to the public. The way Topps is so nonchalant about it, it seems like a publicity stunt. "Oh, whoops, one of our workers pulled a little prank. Oh, well, that's life. Here it is, coming straight from us, BEFORE the public notices." I think they just want attention, since they haven't had much since the market-flood of the early 90s.

Jere said...

"So, I guess it just took a while for it to get to the public" -- meaning, people getting their hands on the card.

redsock said...

Another quote I saw in a wire service story in the local paper here said they knew about it before printing, could have stopped it, but thought it was funny and let it go.