June 2, 2007

"Groin Fatigue"

The Yankees' Saviour will not pitch on Monday night in Chicago. He will be out until this coming Friday.

That was fast. I figured he'd pitch at least one major league inning before getting hurt.


Rasputin said...

He had to arrange things to pitch against an NL team because he knows if he pitched against an AL team now he'd get killed.

L-girl said...

We were taking bets on how long it would be til he pulled a groin or a hamstring. But I don't think anyone had "before his 1st ML start"!

L-girl said...

Paraphrasing Tim McCarver from yesterday's Fox broadcast:

"I'm mystified about the wording of the Clemens injury. A fatigued groin? Is it pulled? Is it injured? If it's fatigued, well, lots of pitchers play with a fatigued groin. It sounds a little... I'm unclear about it. If it keeps you from pitching... that's some kind of fatigue."