June 8, 2007

Tizzle's Believe It Or Not

David Ortiz claims he had no idea Curt Schilling was pitching a no-hitter until there was one out in the ninth.
I was talking with Luis Alicea and he asked me, "Would you bring in the closer right here?" He was messing around with me. But when he asked me, I was like, "He's pitching good, why do you want to bring in your closer?" ...

I looked at the board and I saw all the zeros and I kept looking at it and then I saw the zero under the H and I was like, "Wait a minute!" I'm looking around and everybody goes, "Shhhh." It was good that I didn't find out before that time, because I got nervous.
Brad Mills:
Ortiz came up to me and said, "I swear on my children, I didn't know it was a no-hitter." After the game, he came up to us.
Mike Lowell called BS:
I love him, but I'm sorry, I don't buy that, saying it's the ninth inning and [he] didn't know. I'd know after the first.
Alex Cora:
How many people were here in the stadium? Thirty [thousand]-something, plus 25 [Athletics], plus 24 [Red Sox]. He was the only guy not watching the game.
After the fourth or fifth, I was aware of it.
Cora had no shot at stopping Shannon Stewart's hit, but he dove anyway.
I dove because I know on TV, if I don't dive for that ball, it will look so bad.
Since I score games, if a pitcher throws a perfect first inning and get the first batter in the second, I often start thinking about a perfect game/no-hitter. If he retires at least 7 in a row, then it's definitely on my mind.

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