November 11, 2008

Bill Lee Likes Manny

You're supposed to sit on your ass
And nod at stupid things
Man, that's hard to do.
-- Warren Zevon

A prophet in his own time is not well-received in this town.
-- Bill Lee
Bill Lee is back -- and he's back big! ... Man, forget Eckersley. If NESN had any guts at all, they'd give the Spaceman his own talk show. Or put him in the booth in place of Remy.

(Note: AP misquotes Lee. He did not say: "I think Boston kind of got fed up with Manny." He said: "I think Boston just kind of got fed up with winning.")

The Seattle Mariners, in their search for a new manager, interviewed Boston bench coach Brad Mills on Monday. The Mariners are expected to interview third base coach DeMarlo Hale later this week. The team wanted to also talk to pitching coach John Farrell, but he declined the offer of an interview.

Evan Longoria was the unanimous choice for AL Rookie of the Year. Jacoby Ellsbury finished third with seven second-place votes and five third-place votes.

Theo Epstein talks about being a "selective shopper" in this winter's free agency market. ... Jarrod Saltalamacchia, 23, on rumours of being traded to Boston:
That would be a dream come true. I'd love to go there and either work under Jason for a year or two or just go there and catch full-time. ... I love watching Jason. He's like an idol of mine. I watch him and I learn from him and I'd love to be able to spend time with him.


allan said...

SoSHer mabrowndog, last night:

They're showing the Red Sox HOF induction ceremony on NESN right now, and Lee was the first to get his plaque. Before being introduced, they showed a highlight reel with the obligatory 1976 brawl at the Toilet that destroyed his shoulder.

So after he sits down with Tom Caron, he pulls out his wallet and says "I wish they wouldn't keep showing that clip." He then pulls a faded, creased baseball card of Graig Nettles out of the wallet and shows it to the crowd.

"I keep this in here so that Nettles's face is always up against the back of my ass no matter where I go."


Zenslinger said...

Holy crap. Nice rip, Bill.

Lee is just over the horizon of my baseball-watching memory, but it's fun to learn about his old antics.

FenFan said...

Bill Lee - hands down - most entertaining player ever though I never had the privilege to see him pitch (just before my time). There have been a couple of NESN specials centered around him but I doubt he would want a full-time gig.

Not knowing that much about Mills or Hale, I did a quick check and found that both have minor league coaching experience. It sounds like both have earned the opportunity to take the reins of a major league club. Good luck to both!