November 17, 2008

Red Sox-Mets Will Open New Queens Park

The Mets will host the Red Sox for two exhibition games -- the first games in their new park (Citi Field) -- on Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4, according to WFAN.

Boston will then have a day off before opening the 2009 regular season at Fenway Park on Monday, April 6 against the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays.

The Yankees will play their first games in their new park against the Cubs on April 3-4. The Yankees open the season on April 6 in Baltimore and play their first regular season home game on April 16 against Cleveland.


FenFan said...

I checked the Sox schedule for next season and they will HOST the Mets in May, so a trip to Citi Field before the season begins makes sense and should be a nice transition to the opener at Fenway. How much do you think tickets will go for those two days with Sox fans only a few hours away from the park?

At least it's not Fort Myers to Tokyo to Los Angeles to Oakland to Toronto!

Unknown said...

I am both a Red Sox fan and a Mets season ticket holder (don't ask - but it had something to do with living in NYC now and despising the Yankees). The Mets have told season ticket holders that they will have these two exhibition tickets included in their season ticket package but that they will be included at half the face value - with a maximum of $50 per ticket. Given that the new Citi Field prices are expensive, it may represent a good value. Check StubHub or Craigs List if you want to buy them.....