November 25, 2008

Boras Denies Red Sox Made Offer To Varitek

WEEI reports that the Red Sox have made a one-year contract offer to Jason Varitek, but Scott Boras denied that any offer has been made.

Boras also said that Varitek
wants to catch every day; he wants to play every day. ... [He] intends on being a full-time player for many years to come. He's in great shape. His defense, his game-calling skills, his leadership skills are extraordinary and at the highest level. There's no catcher that has a higher win-loss percentage starting a game than Jason Varitek.
Catcher's W-L percentage? ... Congratulations, Scott, for inventing a more useless stats than pitcher's W-L percentage. But what can Boras say? Tek's noodle bat has made it very difficult to present the Cap'n as a free agent coup.

The Red Sox have offered a contract (possibly $6 million) to 22-year-old righthander Junichi Tazawa, a starting pitcher for the Japanese Industrial League team Nippon Oil. Other teams have been interested -- Rangers, Atlanta, Mariners -- but the Globe's Chad Finn reports that "The Mainichi Daily News said that Tazawa is likely to officially announce next week that he will join the Red Sox." Tazawa idolizes Dice, so that likely helped sway his thinking.

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