November 23, 2008

Canadian Blog Awards - Vote!

The first round of the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards has begun.

Please click here and cast a vote for Joy of Sox for Best Sports Blog!

I finished 1st in 2006 and slipped to 2nd in 2007. I'd like to reverse that trend and get back on top. And because we're in the chill of the off-season, I need a good turnout. Thanks!

Also, please vote for wmtc in each of these four categories:

Best Blog
Best Personal Blog
Best Political Blog
Best Progressive Blog (L took 3rd last year)

This initial round lasts until Saturday, November 29. Spread the word!

The top five vote-getters move on to the final round. That's when I'll really starting nagging you.


tim said...

Kick ass!

nixon33 said...

done and done.
good luck to the both of you(s)!

Benjamin said...

WMTC wasn't nominated for "best awesome"? Guess they left out that category this year.

Amy said...

Did my civic obligation here and there. Best of luck!