November 27, 2008

Schilling Gives Thanks

After five seasons -- and two world championships -- Curt Schilling says Thanks! (and good-bye).

Chad Finn, Globe:
Sankei Sports reported on Thursday that [Junichi] Tazawa told an associate that he has agreed to a three-year major league deal with the Red Sox, placing him on Boston's 40-man roster. The official announcement is expected on Dec. 1 according to the report.
In his Globe chat, Tony Massarotti thinks Mark Teixeira will be playing 1B for the 2009 Red Sox (with Yook at third), the Sox will make a deal for either Taylor Teagarden or Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Justin Masterson will stay in the bullpen.

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Zenslinger said...

Massaroti also asked where he thinks Tazawa would land in the Sox' 10 Best Prospects list. He puts him in the lower half but isn't very sure.

It's great to have more potentially good pitching in the pipeline. One wonders if it also makes someone like Bowden more likely to be traded.

Patrick said...

If we make a trade for Salty or Teagarden, I expect Bowden will be a part of the trade. It would be sad to see him leave, but I won't be sad to replace Varitek's bat in the lineup.

Speaking of which, I saw this license plate today:


Ish said...

Red Sox acquired Wes Littleton from the Rangers for two players to be named, or cash.

The only thing I remember about Wes Littleton is, I think he was the guy who was credited for the save on Texas' 30-3 win over Baltimore in 2007.

James said...

I've been looking up Tazawa... no one really seems all that high on him. Ah well, no one was high on Okajima either.

Ish said...

He's young, so there is a lot of upside for him.