August 28, 2009

Another Baseball Show Cameo

I'll be making my third visit to The Baseball Show on Saturday morning. The Web Sox Nation segment should air at 9:55 AM.

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redsock said...

I talked about not giving up on the East. Why are Red Sox fans, of all people, afraid to show a little faith?

6 back with 34 left -- that's nothing compared to what we have seen the Sox do. I said I agreed with Yook -- the gloom and doom is annoying and it's too early to concede anything, especially to the MFY.

Host Greg Dickerson played his part to a T (though he did not know he was doing so). He said the East is long gone, and began his rebuttal with "I hate to tell you this ...

It was a perfect example of what Yook was talking about -- "After we lose a game, (they're saying) it's over in the AL East" -- with an important dash of "I'm right and now I'm going to explain to you silly, silly person why you are wrong."

Jesus. You do not give up on the division in fucking August! I don't care if you are 2 back with 1 to play, you NEVER concede ANYTHING to the Yankees.

As Laura says, I'd rather believe and be wrong and give up and be right.

(sorry i spoiled the surprise of what you'll hear!)