August 1, 2009

McNamee Files Defamation Suit Against Clemens

Brian McNamee filed a defamation suit against Roger Clemens in the Eastern District of New York on Friday, claiming that Clemens waged a "well-financed and orchestrated campaign" against McNamee to "inflict severe emotional distress and pain and suffering" and ruin his reputation.

Thursday's Daily News noted, referring to two of Clemens's lawyers, Lanny Breuer and Rusty Hardin:
During a Feb. 7, 2008 press conference, Breuer called McNamee "a sad, tragic, obsessed man," while Hardin referred to him as "troubled." The following day, Feb. 8, Hardin called McNamee "a colossal liar."


Anonymous said...

Warring scumbags.

How quaint.

Mainecatwoman said...

It's really nice to know that despite all the crap coming out of MLB in recent days, we can *still* take unadulterated glee in the misery of Roger Clemens!