August 24, 2009

Penny Sent To Bullpen

Brad Penny has been officially sent to the bullpen.

If he is not used in relief of Tim Wakefield (Wednesday) or Junichi Tazawa (Thursday), he will pitch a simulated game on Friday.

Terry Francona:
We don't just want to turn him into a reliever. That's not in anybody's best interest. But we want to protect the club ...
It's not where I'd want to pitch, but if I can help the team doing it, then I'll do it.


Ish said...

I know we lost last night but seeing picture of Damon plastered to the Monster makes me feel better about things a little bit. Somehow.

fusionmouse said...

First Sox game attended this year was colossally disappointing on Beckett's part. MFY's scoring in each of the first 5 innings...augghh.

Good number of Yankees fans in attendance, too--chanting MVP every time Mr. Leigh came up.

Highlights, Damon playing left like he had the room of center (he also crashed into the corner on a foul ball later in the game) and Cano committing 2 errors the second was especially gratifying on a pop-up to shallow right.

My fervent hope is that the Yankees have peaked too soon and that as the chill winds of autumn return their creaky old bones will start failing them.

Iridescence said...

Good move with Penny. Maybe he can work out his issues in the pen but if not at least he won't be costing the Sox so many games.

L-girl said...

Ish, great pic! Hilarious.