October 25, 2009

ALCS6: Yankees 5, Angels 2

Alas. Go Pedro & the Phillies.
Game 6, Take 2.

Joe Saunders (Game 2: 7-6-2-1-5, 105) / Andy Pettitte (Game 3: 6.1-7-3-1-2, 95)

George A. King III, Post:
Officials made the call to postpone Game 6 although they were leery of making the move because the Angels potentially could benefit.
Maybe this ties in with the MLB.com goof in the previous post.
Mike Lupica, Daily News:
[I]f Pettitte does the kind of job he has done for a very long time in New York, going all the way back to October of 1996, then the Yankees don't have to worry about another one-game season against the Angels.
Then again, here's another Game 6 pitched by Big Game Andy, during another series in which the MFY led 3-2.

Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
They need to win one of the next two games on their home turf, a place where they lost two straight games only twice since A-Rod returned on May 8.
Keep telling yourself that.


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L-girl said...

In other news, go Phillies.

L-girl said...

Didn't watch the game, didn't thread, and still got 201!

Ish said...

Well aren't you just Jeter-on-the-bench? Were your eyes calm when you got 201? :)

redsock said...

I think that 90+% of 3-run saves are converted. Obviously, that number goes down for 2-run and 1-run saves.

Your questions have likely been answered (or explored at least) somewhere.

redsock said...

Her gait walking to the computer was quite elegant.

9casey said...

andy said...
Would rivera have half as many saves if he were on the Royals for the last 15 years?

The question you should ask yourself is how many World Series and Playoff apperances would the Yankees have without Rivera? Closing although on the surface may seem easy with 2 or 3 run leads, but Just ask, Eck, Nathan, Pap, Mitch, Lidge, Benitez, Moore, Wagner, Hoffman,Fuentes, and the long haired guy from the braves, and also Mariano....there seems to seem a lot more memorable moments for closers failing then winning, except of course- Keith Foulke.....

L-girl said...

The question you should ask yourself is how many World Series and Playoff apperances would the Yankees have without Rivera?

That's it. He's been the linchpin of their success. And even when they haven't been successful, he's been unbelievable, like last season.

There's not much to criticize about Rivera except his uniform.

L-girl said...

Last night while you were watching the Angels lose, I was watching The Simpsons (from another time zone). Bart has Denis Leary's cell phone, and he's making prank calls all over the world under Leary's name.

When you see Leary, he is in a room with stack and stacks of boxes with the NYY logo. There's a framed pic of Jeter, and I think (it's only a quick glance) something says "I [heart] Jeter". !!

Denis Leary on Simpsons

L-girl said...

Ah-ha! This explains why Leary is in a room full of NYY stuff - Bart ordered it on the cell phone.

Hey, it's not really off topic!

L-girl said...

Also in that episode: Machu Picchu (spelled wrong in the pic caption) and Allan's favourite book, other than IJ.

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