June 11, 2011

G64: Red Sox 16, Blue Jays 4

Red Sox   - 004 171 030 - 16 18  0
Blue Jays - 000 202 000 -  4  6  0
A team effort!

Except for Jed!
John Lackey / Brandon Morrow

Today is wmtc6 (our annual party), so any game thread will be here.

AL East: Cleveland/Yankees at 1 PM and Rays/Orioles at 7 PM.


allan said...

Ellsbury, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Gonzalez, 1B
Ortiz, DH
Lowrie, 3B
Crawford, LF
Scutaro, SS
Drew, RF
Varitek, C

Escobar, SS
Patterson, LF
Bautista, RF
Lind, 1B
Encarnacion, DH
Molina, C
Davis, CF
Nix, 3B
McCoy, 2B

Lackey allowed 9 runs against the Jays on May 11.

Red Sox:
Last 7 games: 7-0
Last 16 games: 12-4 (.750)
Last 31 games: 23-8 (.742)

SoSock said...

So Zen - gonna be a thread today? Mowing the yard first but will tune in for the 2nd "half"

allan said...

Bit of down time between chores. Saw most of the 4-run rally.

I believe Tim is there today - it's his birthday.

Kathryn said...

We just got back from Jonathan's high school graduation and lunch. Got most of the scoring updates on the phone at the restaurant.

Papi!! WOW

Amy said...

This game is beyond fun. Tek HR, Tek RBI! And Papi! And everyone!!

OK, back to watching without a laptop.

allan said...


(Lowrie only starter without a hit and a run; he has neither. Ellsbury only player without an RBI.)

Amy said...

Seems the number of comments is in reverse proportion to the number of runs that have been scored. Everyone must be outside today, but it is raining here on the Cape.

allan said...

We are getting ready for an annual party, so I have not been watching most of the game.

Amy said...

LBJ gets his RBI!

Amy said...

FY! Is this the most runs scored this season?

Allan, enjoy the party! I hope the weather is better there than here. And wish Laura a happy birthday.

allan said...

was raining lightly for about 125 minutes, now sunny. starts at 6 ...

previous highs in runs:
15 vs CWS, May 20
14 vs CLE, May 25
14 vs DET, May 26

Amy said...

125 minutes, huh? You sure it wasn't 124 or 126?? :)

Thanks for the runs update. I will hope for 2 more runs then.

allan said...

*15* minutes! :>)

Amy said...

Dirty water in TO! Have a great party.

johngoldfine said...

Sox celebrated Laura's birthday in style

rml said...

ok, this is new. Skype is interpreting the Red Sox linescore as a phone number...with a Switzerland country code.

laura k said...

Sox celebrated Laura's birthday in style

Yeah!! Plus they're off on my actual birthday (Monday), which I appreciate. Great game - and great party. Updates on wmtc eventually.