June 8, 2011

Lowrie And Jenks Scheduled For MRIs Today

Jed Lowrie hurt his left shoulder in a collision with Carl Crawford on May 29 in Detroit. And although Lowrie has played in five of the eight games since the collision, he says he has constant pain in the area behind the shoulder (the scapula), and was scheduled for an MRI today.
My shoulder started to feel better. I started feeling it [in] my back a little more. ... I'm not overly concerned, but at the same time it hasn't gotten any better. ... It never really really goes away. ... I haven't really felt anything too sharp. More like a dull ache. ... There's no reason not to [get an MRI], just for everybody's peace of mind.
In the five games since May 29, Lowrie is 4-for-21 (.190/.261/.238).

Bobby Jenks left last night's game after only four pitches with a muscle strain behind his left shoulder, a recurrence of an injury he suffered ten years ago while in the minor leagues.
It's an injury that happened years and years ago. Unfortunately it still gives me little fits every now and then. Everything is fine, once it cooled down and the muscle started relaxing.

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