July 4, 2013

G87: Red Sox 8, Padres 2

Padres  - 001 010 000 - 2  7  0
Red Sox - 210 112 01x - 8 18  0
Jacoby Ellsbury had three hits, including his second home run of the season, and scored three times. The Red Sox swept the Padres and finished their homestand with an 8-1 record. Boston has 53 wins, the most of any major league team.

Seven other Boston batters each had two hits. Brandon Snyder was the only starter with one hit, but his knock was a home run.

Webster (6-5-2-4-4, 97) picked up his first major league victory. ... Andrew Bailey threw a perfect seventh inning. ... The Orioles lost, so the Red Sox increased their division lead to 4.5 games. ... The team leaves tonight for a 10-game west coast road trip, making stops in Anaheim, Seattle, and Oakland.
Eric Stults / Allen Webster
Ellsbury, CF
Victorino, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Napoli, 1B
Gomes, LF
Snyder, 3B
Lavarnway, C
Iglesias, SS


allan said...

The Yankees Don't Have An A-Rod Problem; They Have A Yankees Problem

"The Yankees seem to have forgotten that they agreed to re-sign a then-32-year-old Rodriguez to a 10-year, $275-million deal after the 2007 season. They’re acting instead like the unfortunate victims of some unforeseen catastrophe ... The A-Rod deal wasn't some sort of crazy experiment gone bad. It was the Yankees' economic model in its purest form: secure the best talent today by wildly overpaying for their services tomorrow."

Shawn J Kelley said...

I still don't know why it's Weber instead of Aceves. Something to do with Aceves's options? Or are they still trying to beat some sense into him?

9casey said...

Webster might be trade bait where no one seems to want Aceves.