July 31, 2013

Red Sox Get Jake Peavy For Iglesias & Three Prospects

The Red Sox acquired right-hander Jake Peavy, 32, in a three-team trade with the White Sox and Tigers.

Boston will send shortstop Jose Iglesias and three low-level prospects - right-handers Francelis Montas and J.B. Wendelken and infielder Cleuluis Rondonto - to the White Sox. The Red Sox also picked up minor league pitcher Brayan Villarreal as part of the deal.

Peavy has a 4.28 ERA in 13 starts with Chicago.  His ERA+ is 100 - exactly league average.

ESPN's Dave Schoenfield says the Red Sox picked up Peavy cheaply.

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Maxwell Horse said...

Can't say I'm crazy about this. I'm not saying that Iglesias is a Hall of Famer or that this is definitely going to hurt the team. But at best it seems like a lateral move.

allan said...

I like it. Will miss Ig's glove, but his bat had begun to regress back to the low levels we had initially expected from him. The Red Sox moved him when his value was probably at its highest. And they kept all their top prospects.

laura k said...

I like Iglesias but his value in this trade is worth more than his bat. As the headline says, this is definitely an instant upgrade. Exciting.

allan said...

This is an actual tweet from Nick Cafardo:

"Jake Peavy has a 4.15 ERA in his last two starts. He's replacing Brandon Workman who has a 2.45 ERA in his only three starts."

Tom DePlonty said...

I saw that Cafardo tweet too. Blindingly stupid.

Love this deal as a deal; it was shrewd to take advantage of Detroit's desperation and sell Iggy high. I only hope it doesn't mean that the FO knows something about Buchholz they aren't telling us (i.e., that he's not coming back this season).

laura k said...

I assume Buchholz is not coming back this season. Of course I'd love to be wrong.

9casey said...

I dont think the Red Sox have seen Iglesias as their shortshop of the future for the last 2 years. With Bogaerts in Pawtucket and being seen as a much better hitter.. Do have the ability to add a pitcher like Peavy at the deadline for Iglesias was a no brainer even if Double H comes back.

The way Bogaerts is going I see a situation like in 2007 when Ellsbury emerged and took Crisp's job from him late in the season.