July 1, 2013

Schadenfreude 161 (A Continuing Series)

Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
Half of the Yankees’ schedule is over.

Is their season?

The Bombers lost their fifth straight game on Sunday night, 4-2, to the Orioles, who swept away their AL East rivals at Camden Yards for the first time in more than eight years.

            W    L    PCT    GB
Red Sox    50   34   .595   ---
Orioles    47   36   .566   2.5
Rays       43   39   .524   6.0
Yankees    42   39   .519   6.5
Blue Jays  40   41   .494   8.5


9casey said...

The Red Sox had the same exact record ,as the yankees do this year, after 81 games last year and were 6.5 gb.

allan said...

A few weeks back, the Post compared this Yankee team to the 2012 Red Sox. It was highly amusing.

Happy Canada Day!

FenFan said...

Based on bbref's Pythagorean winning percentage calculation, the Yankees SHOULD be at 39-42, and not 42-39.

Someone (source?) noted that probably speaks to Mariano Rivera's value as a closer (26 saves to date).

They are also 23rd in the league in runs scored, 23rd in OBP, and 25th in SLG.

Bronx Bummers...

Jere said...


Castig said it on a broadcast recently, I don't know if he was repeating what he heard or came up with it on his own.