July 7, 2013

Sunday Links

Feminist Jose Bautista

A week ago, on June 30, the Mariners became the first major league team to fly a gay pride flag.

A Celebration Of Baseball Unionism (pdf)

Baseball Changes Suggested 50 Years Ago Were Visionary

An interview with Vin Scully:
When Major League Baseball established their network a few years ago, the first game they put on it was Larsen's perfect game. I was watching a football game. I wanted to see the MLB Network broadcast, but to be honest, I waited until the middle of the fifth inning because that's when I took over the game. And now I started to watch, but I was so bored. I was soooo bored. I'm young and I'm saying nothing else but ball one, strike one, foul ball. ... I went right back to football. I watched something like three pitches.

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