April 7, 2014

G7: Red Sox 5, Rangers 1

Rangers - 000 100 000 - 1  8  2
Red Sox - 010 100 03x - 5 14  1
Tanner Scheppers / John Lackey

I'm taping an interview with Joe Castiglione at 5:45 this evening and it may air before tonight's game. You can listen to the pre-game here or (I think) MLB audio.

David Ortiz Bobblehead Night!


allan said...

not sure if they ran the interview. maybe they will run it on tuesday. it's only a couple of minutes long.

johngoldfine said...

A piece from you about the interview? Setting, vignette, reactions, afterthoughts?

allan said...

The booth is quite small, down a steep flight of stairs and right up against the glass over looking the field. Lou Merloni was also there, he must be doing games with OB doing college hoops. It was incredibly casual with Joe just starting an intro and asking us both a couple of questions. He asked about the title and Millar's prophetic words and Nowlin said one thing that surprised him/us during the interviews was the players all believed that they could come back from 0-3. Not that they would, necessarily, but that it was certainly possible.

I said something about giving the players the chance to tell their own stories about those weeks, with us getting out of the way in the narrative as much as possible. Also that the players recognize their place in Red Sox history as part of that team, especially after the parade and seeing how many people came out and what it meant to them. And that Roberts still gets sacks of mail and people coming up to him to say thanks, even ten years later.

Joe was wearing his 2013 ring so I got to see that. It's friggin HUGE!

That was pretty much it. We hung around for awhile. Orsillo walked by at one point. Chatted a bit with Michael Silverman of the Herald who is doing the Pedro bio.

allan said...

Also nice to see a win!!

johngoldfine said...


Maxwell Horse said...

Wow. For some reason I assumed that it was just going to be an over-the-phone interview.