April 8, 2014

G8: Rangers 10, Red Sox 7

Rangers - 005 310 001 - 10 13  0
Red Sox - 000 100 303 -  7 14  0
Highlight of the game: Hearing "Kiss Me On The Bus" while Burke Badenhop was warming up in the third.

Less enjoyable: Watching the Red Sox hit into 17 double plays.
Martin Perez / Felix Doubront


allan said...

Possible DLUWT intervie with Castig tonight on the pre-game.

allan said...

Also out at the Bosox Club luncheon in Dedham, selling books. Luis Tiant was one of the speakers and got to meet him for 5 seconds afterwards. (He did not buy a book.)

mattymatty said...

That game was a pile of garbage. Seemingly every Rangers hit went juuuust past a diving Red Sox player, and every time the Sox got someone on base they hit into a double play. I couldn't stomach any more in the sixth inning (after the fifth double play) so maybe things changed from there, but still, yuck.

laura k said...

It was one of those games where the final score did not tell the story. At one point it was 9-1. That captures the feel of the game.

(But I had a great time, of course. So happy to be there!)

allan said...

I guess it was only 5 GIDP, but felt like many more. Surprised the Sox didn't hit into 2 in one inning.