April 12, 2014

Uehara Feeling Tightness In Right Shoulder, Unavailable Last Night

Relax. Breath deeply. It's likely not serious, right?

John Farrell:
Before the game [Friday] Koji felt a little stiffness in his throwing program, so we felt it best to stay away from him. Precautionary. This will be a day-to-day type of thing. We'll check with him tomorrow. ... Based on what Koji's expressed, as far as the stiffness, this doesn't seem to be a one-pitch injury type thing.
Koji Uehara:
Just tightness before the game playing catch. It's difficult to explain, but just tightness. Two years ago, when I was with Texas, I felt the same kind of tightness. ... I can't tell for sure [when I will pitch]. I'd like to be back as soon as possible.
Gordon Edes, ESPNBoston:
That injury [in June 2012] was described as a strained latissimus dorsi, a muscle in his upper back, and he missed 66 games.
It's not something I feel all the time. It's not pain. It's tightness when I throw. I feel it.


allan said...

Sean McAdam: "Koji unavailable again today, will try long toss tomorrow. Possible return to BOS for exam after that. Sox delaying any roster moves for now"

Tom DePlonty said...

Uh oh. He is thirty-nine. I don't know about you, but I spent lot of last season wondering if he was going to blow up at some point just because.