July 19, 2015

G92: Red Sox at Angels, PPD.

Red Sox - 
Angels  - 
Rained out, called after a delay of roughly 2.5 hours. It was the first rainout at the Big A since June 16, 1995.

Monday doubleheader, with the games at 5 and 10 EST.

Even with the cancellation, the Red Sox still lost ground in the standings. New York's win dropped Boston to 8 GB.

Eduardo Rodriguez / Hector Santiago
Betts, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Ortiz, DH
Ramirez, LF
Sandoval, 3B
Napoli, 1B
Victorino, RF
Hanigan, C
Red Sox Shutout In Back-to-Back Games (Last 20 Seasons)
1996 at OAK  August 30 (7-0) and August 31 (8-0)
2002 vs NYY  August 27 (6-0) and August 29 (7-0)
2009 at NYY  August 7 (2-0*) and August 8 (5-0)
2015 at LAA  July 17 (1-0) and July 18 (3-0)
* The game was 0-0 into the 15th inning.

Have the Red Sox been shutout in three straight games? ... Yes. (Baseball Reference's Play Index goes back to 1914, but I checked the other years back to 1901. That link gives you all of the three- and two-game streaks for the last 102 years.)

July 6-7, 1906: New York 4-0, New York 8-0, Chicago 12-0
May 23-26, 1909: St. Louis 1-0, St. Louis 5-0, St. Louis 5-0
July 7-8, 1920: Philadelphia 6-0, Philadelphia 1-0, St. Louis 4-0
September 27-30, 1964: Detroit 3-0, Cleveland 5-0, Cleveland 3-0
September 2-4, 1974: Baltimore 1-0, Baltimore 1-0, Baltimore 6-0
April 27-29, 1981: Texas 10-0, Texas 9-0, Texas 5-0

Have the Red Sox been shutout in four straight games? ... Yes! That's the team record.

August 2-6, 1906: Chicago 3-0, Chicago 4-0, Chicago 1-0, Cleveland 4-0.

You'll notice the 1906 team on both of those lists. They were shutout 28 times!

Ben Buchanan, Over The Monster:
A little over a week ago, before the series against the Yankees, it was understood that the season hinged on the games to come. They had won some games when wins seemed mostly meaningless, to the point where a strange thing happened and suddenly they were in position to actually do something. To give their lost season some small hint of life. But there was still a test to pass: a few series against good teams. The teams that you have to be able to beat to actually be a contender. ...

Five games in, and they're 1-4 with 12 runs scored. It was probably the most important stretch of their season, and they didn't even show up to play.

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