July 26, 2015

Pedro, Hall Of Fame Induction

LIVE VIDEO FEED (Speeches begin at 1:30 pm)
Pedro Martinez will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this afternoon in Cooperstown, New York:
I'm going to be able to actually showcase how we are, how our people feel. I hope that I can express with the moment how much I love, respect and treasure everything I did in baseball, America, the people, the fanbases, the teams, the organizations. I hope I can project the right image at the time I get to the podium. Hopefully, emotions won't [catch] me off guard and make me cut it short.
MLB.com has a live stream beginning at 11 AM.
This afternoon, NESN will be showing Pedro's innings from the following games:
12:00 PM - Red Sox at Tampa Bay Devil Rays, August 29, 2000
1:30 PM - Toronto Blue Jays at Red Sox, September 21, 1999
3:00 PM - New York Yankees at Red Sox, May 30, 2001
4:30 PM - Seattle Mariners at Red Sox, May 12, 1999
6:00 PM - Red Sox at Tampa Bay Devil Rays, August 29, 2000
(NESN being NESN, it screws up the listing and lists the 2000 game twice. With any luck, they will show a fifth game at 6 PM.)


allan said...

Pedro goes into the HoF on Sandra Bullock's birthday! Amazing!

allan said...

Re the plaque's statement about Pedro owning the inside part of the plate, SoSHer kieckeredinthehead wrote:
"And the outside. And the top and bottom. And the infield and outfield. And he owned the bleachers, and the streets around the park. And the TVs and radios throughout New England. And on October 27, 2004, the church bells, too."

allan said...

I'm not much for W-L record, but his mark of 117-37 in Boston is unreal.

Anonymous said...

Great, just great. A 75.9% winning percentage is nothing to sneeze at, that's three of of every four games he pitched for us he won. Amazing.

laura k said...

And on October 27, 2004, the church bells, too."