July 24, 2015

SoSH: Pedro Martinez Memories

Pedro Martinez will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday - and, in celebration, SoSH has a thread dedicated to memories of watching the man pitch. There is sure to be some great reading.

See also Over The Monster's special Pedro section.

(Also, if anyone happens upon a video file (e.g., an mp4) of his induction and speech, let me know.)

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allan said...

On Sunday NESN is showing "Best of Pedro" from noon to 7:30PM. Condensed versions of 5 of his games:

12:00pm Red Sox at Tampa Bay Devil Rays (8/29/2000)
1:30pm Toronto Blue Jays at Red Sox (9/21/1999)
3:00pm New York Yankees at Red Sox (5/30/2001)
4:30pm Seattle Mariners at Red Sox (5/12/1999)
6:00pm Red Sox at Tampa Bay Devil Rays (8/29/2000)