July 25, 2015

Pedro, Spring Training 2000

Spring training trip in 2000. After watching a game in Fort Myers, we were walking down the street alongside the park's parking lot back to our rental car. We saw a small group of people gathered by a chain link fence. One person saw us coming and made a "shhhhh" motion with his finger.

We get closer - and it turns out it's Pedro, talking on a cell phone, but also signing stuff, tossing everything back over a chainlink fence. Luckily, I had a ball that had a few other sigs on it from pre-game (including Johnny Pesky). And so over the fence it went - there was someone helping Pedro catch stuff, since he had his phone going, too. I wish it had been a clean ball, so it could have been only his signature, but what can you do.

I took a few pictures and we continued on our way back to the car.


riley dog said...

In case you didn't see this:

Here's Pedro's complete answer when asked about Cowherd's comments:


laura k said...

It was a spine-tingling moment. He looked great and he was so generous with his time. Everyone was being really quiet, hoping the moment would last.