October 30, 2017

2004 ALCS Reunion At 2017 World Series

Kevin Millar posted this picture to his Instagram account:

kevinmillar15 Dave Roberts and I saying thank you to Mariano before the game today for being famous!!! 😂🙈 without the walk who knows what the hell we would be doing now!😂 #2004 #TheWalk #TheStolenBase
P.S.: Did you know that Millar wrote the foreword to Don't Let Us Win Tonight? Well, he did. So if you don't yet have copy, get one now.


laura k said...

Wow! I love this pic! Pretty cool of Mariano, too.

Jere said...

Went to his Instagram. Sadly, the caption to the current pic involves an ad. (Which he hastags with #ad.)

"Thinkin’ we all might see a C*** Zero Sugar Shutout tonight too! #TryIt #ad"

[Product name cleverly obscured by me.]

David Cho said...

I had to google those names. Yes, very cool of Mariano for being a good sport.

allan said...

I had to google those names.

Sounds like you need to buy a copy of a certain book.

David Cho said...

Oh I agree. Do I get a signed copy?

laura k said...