October 23, 2017

Watch Aaron Judge Strike Out 27 Times In 22 Seconds

Aaron Judge struck out 208 times during the 2017 season. That is the highest total from any rookie ever - and it ranks #6 all-time. In fact, only two right-handed batters in the history of major league baseball have struck out more times in a single season.

Judge also set a new major league record by striking out 27 times in the postseason (in only 57 plate appearances). Here they are:

(In the ALDS against Cleveland, Judge came to the plate 24 times - and struck out 16 times. He saw 134 pitches - and hit a grand total of four fair balls, going 1-for-20.)


allan said...

Maybe we should call him "The Breeze".

(Then again, "gap tooth zombie looking Paul Bunyan mother fucker" (coined by DennyDoyle'sBoil of SoSH) is also good.)

Jere said...

I totally got the number of games wrong, thinking the Yanks would be swept, but I did call the Judge ALDS strikeout record.