July 6, 2019

G89: Red Sox 10, Tigers 6

Red Sox - 230 200 111 - 10 17  1
Tigers  - 000 204 000 -  6 14  2
Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi both tripled and scored in the first inning, the first time the Red Sox hit two triples in first inning since July 5, 1963, when Gary Geiger and Earl Wilson (Boston's starting pitcher!) did it against the White Sox. The start of Saturday's game was delayed by rain for four hours, five minutes.

Benintendi celebrated his 25th birthday by going 4-for-6, with two singles, a double, a triple, a stolen base, two runs scored, and an RBI. Marco Hernández and Mookie Betts both went 3-for-5, with Betts collecting a single, double, triple, walk, two runs scored, and two RBI.

Tigers starter Jordan Zimmermann (3.1-13-7-0-2, 78) became only the fifth starting pitcher since 2000 (and the 10th since 1987) to allow as many as 13 hits while recording 10 or fewer outs.

Rick Porcello had a nice line through five innings (5-5-2-1-4, 85), but fell apart in the sixth and ended up with: 5.2-9-6-1-5, 106.

AL East: Rays walked off 4-3 against New York. ... MFY –, TBR 7.5, BOS 10.0.

Start of game has been delayed for a while. .. Tigers now say it will start around 8:15.

Rick Porcello / Jordan Zimmermann
Betts, RF
Devers, 3B
Vázquez, DH
Benintendi, LF
Chavis, 1B
Bradley, CF
Holt, SS
Hernández, 2B
León, C
Christian Vázquez gets his second career start in the #3 spot. The first was September 16, 2017. Also:
2018: 269 plate appearances
2019: 262 plate appearances
2018-19, change in batting average:     .207 to .298
2018-19, change in slugging percentage: .283 to .510
Rafael Devers leads the AL with 188 total bases.
2018: .240/.298/.433 - .731 OPS (49th in AL)
2019: .331/.385/.561 - .946 OPS ( 4th in AL)
AL East: MFY/Rays, 4 PM. ... MFY –, TBR 8.5, BOS 11.0.

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Dr. Jeff said...

I would love to see a statistical analysis of player performance on their birthday, to see if there's any difference from their average performance. Might be too few data points per player?